Friday 21 February 2014



Ahh , The Big question that's haunting everyone since the dawn of time , 'Should i Try harder for that one thing that i have always wanted or do i Walk away, and save myself further pain and misery ?'.

The Answer to this is really simple , But first we have to Address Both the 'WALKING AWAY' and TRYING HARDER states of the dilemma. 

People feel like 'WALKING AWAY' on a desire because its not been fulfilled for a long time . But its been on your mind every waking moment of your existence , and with every passing moment you feel like , that things are not getting better or you are no where near to achieving you desire. But you have persisted for so long , because all you wanted was this one thing to be done and then you thought you will be happy. But right now in this moment when you think about that "DESIRE" that's not coming to you , it causes pain , sometimes you have endured that pain for so long that you become numb to it , and it only hurts when Things get worst , for others its like that nagging song that you dont like but its stuck in your head and it plays 24 x 7. So yes , the prospect of "WALKING AWAY" does give you the feeling of momentary relief. but as soon as you start thinking about a world without your "Desire" you start to feel empty and the process starts over again , its one of the reasons why "Walking Away" is so hard. 

Now , Walking Away doesn't always mean giving up or losing. You can always walk away with the intent of finding something better. And be it your current desire or a desire for a better alternative , the universe will cater to every thing.

Now lets talk about "TRYING HARDER" ! I mean WTF !! cant you just say "TRYING" , why in the world did you have to attach a degree of "HARDER" with it ??  Now you will say , "if it was not hard to achieve my desire then i would have it already and i wouldn't be reading  your blog . " Well it just seems hard , because of all the evidence of failure that our stupid little mind has accumulated for so long. Dont pay attention to the Mind !! Our Mind Thinks that it knows everything there is to know. And it fails to acknowledge any new thing without evidence , and even after getting evidence , it wants further evidence , thus the feeling of uncertainty that a young man feels when the girl of his dreams , who he thinks is out of his league , responds positively to his advances. 

I say That The "TRYING" isn't "HARD" , its not even "TRYING" once you get the hang of #LOA . We all know that we live in a vibrational world , and That the Universe is listening to our every thought and Responding to our every emotion.

This limiting Evidence that you always bump into , is your creation only , its a result of your Doubt and fear filled vibration (screwed up vibration). Just  acknowledge the fact that its all in the past , it has no effect on you. Just acknowledge it and LET GO. 

Now whatever maybe your "desire" , if you focus on it achievement completely and feel the way you would feel when you will have your desire , the universe will respond to your vibration and Deliver you your desire , and that to almost instantly. But what happens is that when we do try to feel like we would when we will have our desire , the above mentioned , evidence pops up, and we being creatures of habits feel bad and decide that these obstacles are real. They are not real , they are just your external manifestations of our metal limitations. Remove them , and you will have your desire the next day. 

So In the end its a choice , But this choice between 'Walking Away" or  "Persevering" Should not be made From a place of 'LOSS' , ie; Don't Pick up the "Walk Away" option because the other option is impossible for you or you are tired or fed up..because then its hardly a choice .  Same way dont pick up the "Trying" option because for some reason you think that you cant walk away now , or you are out of time or late. 

Know that both options are possible and feasible and Most importantly EASY, and which one ever you choose , at the end of it you will be happy .

The Universe is on your side , and is responding to your emotions and getting you exactly what you are asking for . So ask for the things you want , if its something you have wanted for a long time then , let go of the fact that its not possible to achieve , coz its really easy to achieve once you let go of the evidence.


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