Saturday 18 June 2016


LOA, the Universe and this life, it's all about choices, we might think that we are just victims to our circumstances, but that is far from the truth. At every point in our life we have 'a choice' to choose from one of the two, love or hate/resistance/annoyance. As the person responsible for your own life, it is your duty to seek out and pay attention to what you love about yourself , others and the situation at hand. Even if you cant see anything worth loving in the moment, you have to use your imagination to come up with something that you might love regarding a situation or the person. 

You can start with the 'what if ' game.

'What if this situation resolves itself in a perfect and easy and smooth way, it would be nice to see that happen.'

or in case of an unpleasant person..

'What if this person was in a good mood today, and spoke nicely'

or if you a feeling extra cocky, why not throw in some...

'What if this person gave me a sincere compliment'.

Doing these things change the way you feel about a particular situation, suddenly you feel better about your situation, suddenly that scary boss isn't that scary anymore.

The universe picks up on our emotional state and tries to match that by designing the upcoming events and outcomes to match our new and improved emotional state.

When you choose to hate or bash things , you have a bad emotional response about those things, Missing stuff is going to get you more missing, resisting more resistance, fear will get you more to be fearful about, running will give you more to run from, When you hate life, the universe picks up and shapes life to be consistently hated.  The universe is simple and perfect that way, it will give you all that matches your emotional state. 

So, it makes perfect sense to take control of you emotional state. 

Now , many of you might think that your emotional state can't be controlled , or it's hard to do so, or you expect me to be aware all the time? I know, it's kind of hard at first, people spend their whole life reacting to circumstances and creating more unknowingly. 

But, it's not impossible, it can be done with a little practice, i mean you will obviously have to get rid of habits like 'wallowing in self pity' and  'blaming stuff, and others for your misery', because doing so, makes you docile or angry, and both are far away from joy and love and self awareness. 

One of the easiest way to start of is setting periodic reminders on your phone daily which would ask you regularly, "How are you feeling?". 

We feel stuff all the time, but we never ask ourselves, what is it that we are feeling, broadly speaking, all feelings can be summed down to varying degrees of good or bad. 

So then why don't you just ask yourself every now and then, Are you feeling Good or bad? If you need assistance, set a few periodic alarms so you don't just forget. 

Whenever the alarms asks you "how are you feeling?", take a moment and try and reflect on your emotional state, look if anything is bothering you, any feeling that is causing you to feel less than calm and free, if you find anything look for a root thought, that is causing you to have concern. Once you find it, choose to let it go, coz concern doesn't solve anything. The only thing that can take care of this problem (real or imaginary) is a positive feeling. 

Time to play the "What if" game and imagine a perfectly generalized easy and smooth solution to your concern/ problem, and love the idea of it till it gives you relief , and you start to feel better. 

Friday 13 May 2016


So you have a goal, i mean, everyone has goals , depending on the situation in your life and you circumstances, your goal could be related to one or two of many things or areas. Maybe your goal is to have more money , find more success , find a perfect relationship, revive a relationship, to get laid (m not judging, its a perfectly fine goal as far as goals go), Lose weight, world peace, become the president of USA, the point is that if you are alive and breathing right now, you want something.

When we first set a goal, our stupid brain( yes it’s stupid) who believes that it knows everything assures us that we have all the know how to get things done, obviously the reality sets in after a couple of days and the brain cleans after itself saying , “Life’s a Bitch”. Then it points us towards someone who already has achieved what we are trying to do. (And if you are trying to do something that only a few have managed to do ‘like repair a relationship’ you are screwed, with no one set example the brain will try its hardest to convince you to give up)

So now that you have a role model, you look up how they achieved what they achieved , their life story ,their challenges, You motivate yourself, becoz you relate to them , you are this person has the same dream, ‘WOW’ they did it, so can you. And that is the biggest load of crap.

You wanna know why , here is why, pick up steve jobs and bill gates biography, yes they were friends and yes they both became big in the tech industry (hence a common goal) , but other than that you will find no similarity in the way they achieved that goal. Yes they started at the same place but both their journeys were significantly different to each other, bringing me to the point i am trying to build up to for the past 60 minutes while stuffing my face with a side of chilly chicken (which is besides the point)..


There are infinite ways to get what you want. 

And by more than one way i mean, there are millions of ways to achieve that one thing that you want to achieve. Let me explain, there are 8 billion people on the planet, all of them have a mind of their own , So many people , so many choices , all of them intertwining with each other to create infinite possibilities . It’s infinite demand and supply.

So what now, you would say, "Let’s say for a moment we agree with you , that we don’t need to follow our role models, rather we can find our own new and unique way to get stuff done, but the problem is , we don’t know that way, in case of a role model or the conventional way we know what they did, we have a road map, its easy to look at in theory hence tempting to follow, but making our own path, we wouldn’t even know where to begin?”

Seriously, where?

The answer to that small measly problem. You don’t know where to begin, but you do know where to end. I mean, you still have your goal in your mind. The ending. Close your eyes, can you see it?, you with the end goal in hand, imagine that scene, imagine the reactions of your loved ones, imagine the success , how did it feel , did it feel awesome ? if it did , congratulations you have just started on the road to success.

That is the beauty of this life, we are not supposed to work out the details of how we will get there , all we have to do is dream and feel the place of success, and the more frequently we do that , the faster we will be shown the path, ie; what to do next to get a step closer. Muggles call it opportunity (treat it like a unicorn sighting) , i call it creating a path.

We have been taught to believe that we have to find a way to get things done, but in reality the way was always supposed to be shown to us. That is how life works, try anything else and you will struggle and fail. It’s only when you surrender the doubts and the hows and just dream the dream and feel the feelings things will start to work in your favor.
So dream on, coz in between all the running , planning , hard work, the one thing that you hardly do is dream the dream of achievement, feel the feelings, coz you are too busy following in the footsteps or wallowing in the ‘how’s’ and the doubt’s.

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