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I Hear form scores of people , Who are trying to pursue the love of their lives using the law of Attraction. Here is one thing that all of them do wrong. 

They Miss them. 

You have to understand that , missing them constantly , repeatedly paying attention to their absence , is something that keeps them away. because all the universe hears from you is "Absence ! Absence ! Absence ! " So it does what it does best , and gives you more of this ABSENCE . The result , is that your manifestation doesn't happen. 

Yes you have been visualizing , giving gratitude , doing your magic practices , but if after putting all this effort in the right direction , you spend the rest of your day feeling nostalgic , and feeling lonely and bad and sad because you MISS them . It defeats the whole purpose of the Law of attraction. What you are doing is giving mixed vibrations. and so you feel stuck and frustrated. 

 Here is where the concept of 'Allowing' Or 'Letting Go' Comes to play . Yes its true that the more emotion you give while focusing your thoughts on your desire the faster its gonna come to you , but its also true that you cant just go from feeling numb to Feeling unconditional love in a day or even in a week , the feelings will come naturally and gradually , and get stronger and clearer as each day passes. 

What people usually do is that, they will visualize throughout the day, even when they dont feel like it , they will force themselves, because the concept of Work=Rewards is going on in their heads. 

That's not true when dealing with the universe, you can visualize 5 minutes a day, and still manifest your desires, because its not the amount of time put in or hardships endured that counts , its the quality of your emotion that counts. 

Enough Rants , Lets just keep to the mechanics of how the universe can help you with your ex problem. 

You see , in case of an ex, there are a lot of built up feelings, caused by a bad breakup, and all this time spent away from each other. So first off all you have to understand that all of these feelings are just negative momentum, its like you think about missing them , which leads to thoughts of unworthiness , which leads to thoughts of insecurity , which leads to hopelessness and helplessness , further comes frustration , Anger , jealousy and before you know it you are breathing in a paper bag , because of the full blown panic attack you just had. And so you see how the train of   negative momentum goes , This train is the reason why , whenever you start to think about your ex you feel bad , coz that feeling bad place is where you are with regards to your ex. The negative momentum will give you access to only negative thoughts. So what do you do.. ??

You meditate , clear your head , focus on not thinking or doing the things that cause you pain,that includes not thinking about your ex, letting the thought go  as you do these things you slowly come to a place of numbness , and then if you don't panic with the whole numbness thing , you move on to a place of general happiness , coz the human mind is wired to be Happy by default, its because we hold on to a lot of negative thoughts by thinking about them over and over, the mind travels to the dark side . But as soon as you let go, you go to a place where the mind is unburdened and happy. 
Some of you may find this "letting Go" thing a little difficult , as you may relate it to letting go of your ex , coz it may be your belief , that if you stop thinking about your ex , the universe would stop trying . But, Just relax, the first time you expressed your desire for that particular person , the universe said 'OK' and found a way to get you your desire , but it cant yet provide you your desire , coz you are not allowing it , in other simpler words, You are so stuck in your negative momentum,  in a place of telling the universe with your thoughts , "I dont have this !" that , it is all the universe can give you. "Not having it , and thoughts of not having it." 

So in very simple words the step by step program would be:

1. Clear your head ('let go' of negative, Find a hobby, find happiness in what you have.) 

2. Focus on the feeling of being with them 2 times in a day, once in the morning , and then before going to bed at night. ( before bed is important, visualize , write about it )

3. Clear your Blocks. ( As you move towards your desire , the universe will make you feel bad through a thought on occasion to try and tell you that this thought is the reason i cant give you your desire , you need to think around it , or get rid of it ) (take help of a coach , or a level headed person , or rationalize it yourself) 

4. Allowing . ( Apart from the morning and night focus , throughout the day , distract yourself , dont think about your desire , coz no thought is better than a negative thought. ) 

Lastly , know that you are not rekindling an old relationship , you are in process of creating a new one.. doesn't matter , if its with the same person . its a new relationship that you are creating. 

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