Sunday 23 March 2014


So what's the deal with the universe Anyway ? From what we have been hearing , the Universe responds to your vibration... good or Bad vibration is responded with matching manifestations. The universe is neutral when it comes to manifestations , and you are the one responsible for your own vibrations and your own manifestations . 

So be afraid , Be very afraid... because there is no one coming to your rescue , its all your responsibility .

This one thought drives a lot of new LOAer's up the walls .You start reveling in the awesome power of the universe , and then you have a negative thought , and you get scared , because negative thoughts attract to you more negative thoughts , and in turn negative situations and manifestations , so you try to wrestle that negative thought to the ground, and in doing so , you make the situations even worst. 

Ok have i scared you enough ? I have !? i am sorry... 

Ok let me put this one scary thought to ease...

The Universe is inherently good . The Universe is actively trying to take us to our desires. The Universe knows what makes you happy and what are your inner and deepest desires . and it always is actively trying to push you towards your happiness. But we hold ourselves in a place of misery by actively holding on to the negative thoughts. 

You know why , the the negative feels or emotions cause so much pain ? because you are like that lighthouse that is standing against the huge waves. The waves (the universe) is constantly trying to sway you and sweep you towards your happiness , but you are being stubborn and you are standing in negativity (like the lighthouse) . The pain that you feel is caused because by holding yourself in a place of negativity (worrying , acknowledging absence , anger , betrayal) , you are constantly waging a war against the universe that is trying to take you to your happiness. 

SO , dont you think that giving up is the right thing to do. When you surrender yourself to the Universe , it takes you to the place where all your desires and manifestations are waiting for you. All you have to do is let go and give in. 

When we feel stuck or when we are in a bad place , that only means the we have created too much negative momentum ie; we are stuck in a web of negativity . And the more we try to find our way out of it , the more tight its grip on us becomes . 

So when we give in , when we let go , we try to go to a place of calm and comfort , where these tangled web of negativity slowly starts to get loose , and the more 'still' we become , the further out of this web we find ourselves. Until there comes a point where there is no more negativity left , and from here the universe swoops in like superman .. and carries us to our goals. 

                                                                       Flow of the universe
                            >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Your Desires.
                              Direction our negativity 
                              is dragging us towards. 

You maybe visualizing , imagining , appreciating , and if its working , good for you , but for those , who feel that all this feels a bit forced . know this , that you cant go from a place of negativity to a place of Positivity Directly . You have to go to a place of calmness before.The best way to stop negative thoughts is to stop thought altogether 

                        Bad feelings                              Calmness/ Content                    Happiness

  So , how do you come to place of calmness . how do you stop the thoughts ?

You Meditate !!! ... Click here to know how...

And what do you do for the rest of the day . You live in the moment , I ll Discuss that in a separate blogpost.

Till then , Take care .

Tuesday 11 March 2014

Bottled-up emotions/ Side-effects of Knowledge of LOA.

One fine day, we wake up, watch a great movie like ‘The Secret’ or read the book and go, “Whoa, I have a magic lamp now; all I got to do is to feel right.” It all sounds so easy. We decide that life is our creation, that we are writing our own story and that we can make anything happen just by thinking the right thoughts and feeling the right feelings. And there’s nothing wrong with this knowledge, this is pretty much the gist of it all.

Then we start slowly; we dip our toes in the water and start by attracting a cup of coffee or a rainbow (or a picture of it), and again go crazy happy for the power we have freshly discovered that we have. So far, so good. It gets more and more clear that the life we have lived so far was totally our creation and all that is yet to come is going to be our creation as well. We are absolutely amazed by this power that we have. Slowly and steadily our faith is reaffirmed, and so are our fears.

With the knowledge, that our ‘thoughts become things’, we begin to monitor our thoughts. And with the knowledge that our feelings act as a fuel that launch those thoughts into the universe, we begin to monitor our feelings as well. And doing that, at some point, we become really scared of our thoughts and feelings.

You see, man is a creature of habits, and old habits die hard. Through no fault of our own, or anyone else for that matter, we have been trained to think through the worst possible scenarios regarding every area of life. Probably our survival instinct has developed our brains this way. But whatever is the case, it’s a fact that we cannot change the way we think and feel overnight. Sure, we can start taking baby steps towards the great change but doing that overnight poses some serious risks.

And most of us do make this mistake. We decide to make the maximum of the LOA, but we forget that it’s a universe based on thoughts and feelings and those patterns are very slow to change. They require a lot of patience if not hard work.

Most of us get overwhelmed by all the negativity inside us and some of us decide to take the easy and short route. So instead of dealing with the negative emotions inside us and slowly changing those patterns, we start to bottle them up. We absolutely ban all kind of negative thoughts, we stop talking about what is bothering us, and we start pretending that all is absolutely well.

We think that if we bottle them up, seal them and then forget about them, they will actually disappear. But they don’t and while we get busy with our pretend game, those bottled up emotions at the back of our minds become ticking time-bomb, ready to explode any minute. And when they do, they leave us perplexed and exasperated like never before. And we feel at loss, as to where to start picking up pieces, and what is the point of it all.

Now, don’t go into the panic mode, just yet. That is not the objective of this post. The objective is to give you a heads up and possibly prevent you from making a mistake that many of us, (including myself) have made. This will save you one step and a lot of mess and pain.

Do not suppress your emotions. That’s all.

Suppressing them won’t help. Dealing with them and then letting them go in a healthy way will. If you feel you have been hurt in the past, it’s very legitimate to feel the anger inside you. Let it show. Talk to someone you trust about it. Cry, if that feels good. Seek help. And you don’t even have do this for a long time. You’ll start feeling better before you know it. And there will be no pretense in that ‘good feeling’.

Again, there are no set rules for what you need to do to deal with suppressed emotions. For that you will need the guidance of your inner self. But one thing that helps to bring out that inner guidance is meditation. So do meditate, and try not to bottle things up inside you. They’ll do more harm than good.

More on the subject later. Please post your thoughts and questions in the comment section.


Friday 7 March 2014



Question : I was intrigued by a post u pinned which said : Life is fucking easy. How would you explain this just out of interest to the person with chronic ailments; with those that struggle to put food on the table every day and keep a roof over their family's head; when unemployment is just around the corner, or worse those that live permanently in refugee camps that are in hot fly-blown places like Ethiopia with no chance of ever escaping them. Upon arrival there the mother has a very sick baby suckling on her breasts that don't produce milk because she her is severely undernourished to how can you then say life is fucking easy? I 'm just curious to know?

The Yellow Doorway 's Answer : 
Here is how the universe works , everyone on this planet is the creator of their own experience . If you have a brief idea of Law of attraction , then you would know that , whatever we feel ,the universe multiplies . So good feelings bring more good feelings thoughts and things , and bad feelings attract more bad feeling thoughts and circumstances . Now lets first talk about disease , or chronic ailments . Disease or any ailments of the mind or body , are attracted by a person themselves , you grow a cancer , its your screwed up vibration , whatever is happening to the body is just a physical manifestation of whats going on in the mind , so if the mind is sick with stress and tension , and negativity , the person will fall sick , and in cases where a person holds on to this chronic negativity for a long time , he or she develops a chronic illness . The universe doesn't care about right or wrong or good or bad , it just listens to your feelings and emotions and gives you more of that , so if a person is consumed and obsessed with stress or worry or tension , and feels like that his whole life is being consumed by the circumstances , he will attract a chronic illness like cancer or AIDS .

Now lets talk about people in Misery , the malnourished , and war affected people , who start their life in misery and end their life in misery . When a child is born , he doesn't know that whats going on around him , he doesn't care if his parents don't have money to buy milk to feed him , all he knows is that he wants milk and so he / she cries . Now lets apply the LOA here , people in such adverse conditions are mostly stuck in such adverse conditions , because they don't know otherwise , all their life all they have seen is misery and death and poverty , and so , the primitive lizard brain kicks in for survival , and their life starts and ends for just survival . People in such places , in fact all over the world are just reacting to their external circumstances, so the universe is giving them more of those circumstances , its a vicious circle . And all they have to do to get out, is to not acknowledge what all is wrong and just Dream . Now you will point out that how can a person in hellish conditions dream ? , Yes they can ! , Dreaming about a better life doesn't cost a thing , and if there is a slim chance that by just vibrating / feeling the right feelings can get a person out of the hell he is in , then why not take it.

All these people , the ones ones with their ailments and the ones in hellish conditions. all of them are responsible for their own experience in their life , The universe is at everyone's disposal . All they have to do is ask for the things they want, rather than beat the drum of all they dont want ! And so , i state again , LIFE is F%$KING easy !!!

Yes there will be Misery , there will be things that will bother you , but it is you who has to make the choice of whether to be bothered by them or not , The Pain is real , but the suffering is optional , and it always , eases up things to know that the universe is on your side , no matter who you are no matter where you are.  The pain wont last long once you stop the suffering . It will fade away and the things that will make you happy will come to your experience , if its food then it will be food , if its good health then great cure for your ailment.

The moment you Stop being bothered by all that is wrong with your life , the moment you stop paying attention to all the misery , the moment you stop counting the things that are out of place , Your Vibration will start rising up. At first you will 'feel Nothing' , A Void , which is better than feeling 'bad' , Then as your Vibration rises up , you will start to feel  more Happy and at Ease. And then , before you know it , Doors will start opening up where there were only walls . And you will see a solution to your situation.

Tuesday 4 March 2014



One of the most common questions that  I encounter is, "Can I use law of attraction to bring back an Ex?" 

And the Answer to this is Yes! You can! And it’s Easy and difficult at the same time. But in the end it will depend on you. It doesn't matter if the relationship ended yesterday or last month or last year , it doesn't matter if you are here and they are a 1000 miles away . None of it matters, all that matters is, if you still love them?

Most of you will say, "Yes we do!" That's why we are here, reading your blog! We have tried for so long now, We have tried every move in the proverbial Book ! And now we are frustrated, and we have turned to the universe for help. Well, you have come to the right place, but before we start, I want to just make sure that you are pursuing whoever it is you are pursuing because of love, and not to prove a point, not because you think that you can’t get anyone else , not out of fear, not to feed your ego ,but because you are in love . 

Now how will you know if you are still in love, there are a million ways to know, but asking yourself and talking to yourself works best. 


1. Find a quiet place where no one can disturb you for at least 15 minutes .

2. Now sit down in a comfortable position, and close your eyes.

3. Take a few deep breaths.

4. Now just for a moment, concentrate on yourself, be entirely present in the moment, pay attention to your body, how it feels, just pull out all your awareness from the past, future, and be there in your body, be with yourself .

5. Know this that in this moment, sitting right here right now, you are free from everything. There is nothing that you need to do, there is nowhere that you need to be and there is nothing that can hurt you. For this 15 minutes you are here and you are free from all the worldly affairs of your life.  These 15 minutes are yours to relax! So Relax! 

6. Now when you feel like, search your awareness and find the most amazing person aside from your Ex that you know. This person can be anyone; someone you once had a crush on, someone who is way better than your Ex in looks, and nature and all other aspects. 

7. Once you have zeroed in on that better person, Ponder on this question.

       "Would i still want my Ex if this amazing person walked up to me and proposed me? " 

8. For a Moment consider this ,believe it is true, if this amazing person that you know of , or someone like that comes up to you tomorrow and proposes you, would you go for them or would you still want to patch things with your ex. 

Take a moment to process this thought in detail. 

If you happily  accepted this new and amazing person, then I must tell you that,  you are not in love with your Ex . What you are actually looking for is a happy and loving relationship , and that can come from anyone , it doesn't have to be your Ex. 

Now if the thought of accepting this new and improved person gave you mixed feelings, like cheating on your Ex, even though you are not in a relationship as of now, or if the thought of losing your Ex (despite all the kinks) popped up , and it didn't feel good. Then yes, you are still in love with your Ex , and you should read on .

Moving On..

Now First thing to know is that it is possible! And it is easy! It is already done! All you have to do is Relax and let the manifestation in. 

But relaxing ain't that easy in these situations, there is so much pain and hurt feeling and memories, that you are  in a constant battle with yourself. So first we have to take care of these feelings. You must know that these feelings of fear, and insecurity are the ones that landed you here in this situation in the first place. 

The Universe always monitors how you feel and then tries to  mould your experience accordingly so that you can have more of those feelings. 


There are certain things that generally cause relationships to go bad. I’ll try to list all of them , and discuss how to tackle them.


So you met the guy/ Girl of your dreams, someone who you would have never thought you can get in your wildest dreams. You got lucky. You put them on a pedestal, all of creation and god's creatures including you come in a second place to your Guy/ Girl. You are willing to change for them. You are so much in love that you get the stars and the moon for them, and you are perfectly happy with the 50 cent card they bought for you on your special day. You eat what they eat, you go where they go.

This is where things go bad. Sometimes while doing these things you start to lose yourself, When you think that your lover is out of your league, or superior to you, it gives out a signal of unworthiness to the universe. And the universe responds to it, by increasing your lover’s value in your eyes, and decreasing your own value in your eyes. So when a problem arises, even a small one you give up rationality and start looking  for what 'you' did wrong. With time the universe gives you more and more circumstances that make you feel more and more worthless. 

  "So what can i do about it ?"

Love yourself, Value yourself.  You should know That we live in a vibrational universe and in the eyes of the universe everyone is equal, everyone is beautiful and everyone is capable of greatness. When you first met the love of your life, it was you and your vibration that attracted them. The Universe doesn't decide your worth. You DO!  It is your belief that drives the universe to bring things into your experience. If you believe you are worthy, then you are worthy.  There is nothing wrong with you. You deserve to be put on a pedestal, you deserve to be loved and valued the same way you love and value your lover. And they will be happy to move the heavens and earth for you because they love you. When you truly believe this, the universe will start to change your experience. 


Fear is generally based on past bad experiences. A woman who had been cheated on in a previous relationship will always be in fear of being cheated on in the current one as well. It gives birth to insecurity, and once you are consumed by it, the universe gets the signal, and BAM ! You experience a situation where you get to live your fear! 

"So what can i do about it  ?"

Know that you are the sole creator of your experience on this planet. Know this that at the core every human being on this planet is looking for happiness, we are all the same. Know this that you and your lover came together, because the universe found you guys to be the perfect match and both of you fulfilled each others’ requirements to be happy. Know this that it is you who can invite in bad experiences by thinking and holding on to fear and insecurity. Know this that the past or whatever happened in the past has no power over you, whatever happened then, you invited it in, and now if you let go of that bad experience it will also  leave you forever. Know this that you have manifested a loving partner who values you respects you and loves you as much as you love them, and they would never do anything to hurt you or betray you. So take a breather and let the feelings of fear and insecurity go.


You want it, but they don’t, for some reason that seems absurd when you think about it, but that's the way it is. The parents are not agreeing, your lover isn't looking to settle down yet, you are in a long distance relationship, they found someone better, different religion , different skin color , different caste , need I go on ? 

"So what can i do about this ?"  

 Well it works like this, The universe will give you whatever you want, whatever you place your focus on. All the other people in your experience are there to fulfill their roles that you have assigned to them. Their thoughts and wishes  don't have any effect on your experience, so if you think you are not in control of the situation, think again! The problem that arose, is just an external manifestation of a limitation that you have sub consciously imposed on yourself. And as soon as you find and let go of that limitation, things will start to get better. Just focus on what you want and don’t listen to the noise around you and you’ll be fine.

Now that we have addressed the limitations, we can move onto the part on how to revive the relationship.

So, I can go on and describe some visualizing exercises where you can imagine yourself and them dancing around a tree to a bollywood song with backup dancers and everything or I can keep it simple. 

Ok I will keep it simple.

The most 'Important' and the most 'overlooked' truth when practicing the law of attraction is, 

"When it comes to effecting change (big or little, but especially Big ) be it manifesting the life of your dreams or reviving a relationship or getting that perfect parking space , 'thinking' is immeasurably more valuable when used to imagining what you want - the end result- than to figure out how you are going to get it. " 

All you have to do is to be at a feeling place of where you want to be, and the universe will do its part and get you there .The best way to do so is , think about what you want. 

So what do you want?

"I want to be in a loving relationship with {enter name}!"

And how is that going to make you feel? 

"Happy , relaxed , secure , excited , in love ,  [enter more feelings here]"

So if you can feel all those feelings right now the universe will bring you more of those feelings and more and more, and before you know it your lover will be standing on that door, asking you to take them back. 

All you have to do is "Trust the universe", and from that place of trust and calmness you have to anticipate the arrival of your lover back into your life. Its like, you know they are coming to you and you are excited about it. And how do you know that its working???

Well you feel good!!! If right now you feel the love and you feel good and relaxed and calm, then you are on the right path, then you are doing your part and vibrating in the right place, and now you trust the universe to do its part and deliver to you your, manifestation. 

Think of the universe as your competent secretary, one who never fails you and delivers whatever you ask for. So just tell it what you want and relax. 

So that's  the gist of it all. if you have any questions , contact me on the facebook page or leave a comment here.

Here are a few exercises that would help you let go of limitations and help you get in the feeling mode . Do them daily !

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