Tuesday 11 March 2014

Bottled-up emotions/ Side-effects of Knowledge of LOA.

One fine day, we wake up, watch a great movie like ‘The Secret’ or read the book and go, “Whoa, I have a magic lamp now; all I got to do is to feel right.” It all sounds so easy. We decide that life is our creation, that we are writing our own story and that we can make anything happen just by thinking the right thoughts and feeling the right feelings. And there’s nothing wrong with this knowledge, this is pretty much the gist of it all.

Then we start slowly; we dip our toes in the water and start by attracting a cup of coffee or a rainbow (or a picture of it), and again go crazy happy for the power we have freshly discovered that we have. So far, so good. It gets more and more clear that the life we have lived so far was totally our creation and all that is yet to come is going to be our creation as well. We are absolutely amazed by this power that we have. Slowly and steadily our faith is reaffirmed, and so are our fears.

With the knowledge, that our ‘thoughts become things’, we begin to monitor our thoughts. And with the knowledge that our feelings act as a fuel that launch those thoughts into the universe, we begin to monitor our feelings as well. And doing that, at some point, we become really scared of our thoughts and feelings.

You see, man is a creature of habits, and old habits die hard. Through no fault of our own, or anyone else for that matter, we have been trained to think through the worst possible scenarios regarding every area of life. Probably our survival instinct has developed our brains this way. But whatever is the case, it’s a fact that we cannot change the way we think and feel overnight. Sure, we can start taking baby steps towards the great change but doing that overnight poses some serious risks.

And most of us do make this mistake. We decide to make the maximum of the LOA, but we forget that it’s a universe based on thoughts and feelings and those patterns are very slow to change. They require a lot of patience if not hard work.

Most of us get overwhelmed by all the negativity inside us and some of us decide to take the easy and short route. So instead of dealing with the negative emotions inside us and slowly changing those patterns, we start to bottle them up. We absolutely ban all kind of negative thoughts, we stop talking about what is bothering us, and we start pretending that all is absolutely well.

We think that if we bottle them up, seal them and then forget about them, they will actually disappear. But they don’t and while we get busy with our pretend game, those bottled up emotions at the back of our minds become ticking time-bomb, ready to explode any minute. And when they do, they leave us perplexed and exasperated like never before. And we feel at loss, as to where to start picking up pieces, and what is the point of it all.

Now, don’t go into the panic mode, just yet. That is not the objective of this post. The objective is to give you a heads up and possibly prevent you from making a mistake that many of us, (including myself) have made. This will save you one step and a lot of mess and pain.

Do not suppress your emotions. That’s all.

Suppressing them won’t help. Dealing with them and then letting them go in a healthy way will. If you feel you have been hurt in the past, it’s very legitimate to feel the anger inside you. Let it show. Talk to someone you trust about it. Cry, if that feels good. Seek help. And you don’t even have do this for a long time. You’ll start feeling better before you know it. And there will be no pretense in that ‘good feeling’.

Again, there are no set rules for what you need to do to deal with suppressed emotions. For that you will need the guidance of your inner self. But one thing that helps to bring out that inner guidance is meditation. So do meditate, and try not to bottle things up inside you. They’ll do more harm than good.

More on the subject later. Please post your thoughts and questions in the comment section.



  1. Well said! I have also gone through the phase of trying to put a happy face on situations that didn't make me feel happy, but I started to realize the only person I was fooling was myself and that my point of attraction was not in alignment with my desires. I have learned to let those emotions point me in the direction of what my soul desires for me to experience! I'm still a work in progress though :-)

  2. Very True brother .....but i guess a person has to go sometimes through these phases in order to understand himself ...


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