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Question : I was intrigued by a post u pinned which said : Life is fucking easy. How would you explain this just out of interest to the person with chronic ailments; with those that struggle to put food on the table every day and keep a roof over their family's head; when unemployment is just around the corner, or worse those that live permanently in refugee camps that are in hot fly-blown places like Ethiopia with no chance of ever escaping them. Upon arrival there the mother has a very sick baby suckling on her breasts that don't produce milk because she her is severely undernourished to how can you then say life is fucking easy? I 'm just curious to know?

The Yellow Doorway 's Answer : 
Here is how the universe works , everyone on this planet is the creator of their own experience . If you have a brief idea of Law of attraction , then you would know that , whatever we feel ,the universe multiplies . So good feelings bring more good feelings thoughts and things , and bad feelings attract more bad feeling thoughts and circumstances . Now lets first talk about disease , or chronic ailments . Disease or any ailments of the mind or body , are attracted by a person themselves , you grow a cancer , its your screwed up vibration , whatever is happening to the body is just a physical manifestation of whats going on in the mind , so if the mind is sick with stress and tension , and negativity , the person will fall sick , and in cases where a person holds on to this chronic negativity for a long time , he or she develops a chronic illness . The universe doesn't care about right or wrong or good or bad , it just listens to your feelings and emotions and gives you more of that , so if a person is consumed and obsessed with stress or worry or tension , and feels like that his whole life is being consumed by the circumstances , he will attract a chronic illness like cancer or AIDS .

Now lets talk about people in Misery , the malnourished , and war affected people , who start their life in misery and end their life in misery . When a child is born , he doesn't know that whats going on around him , he doesn't care if his parents don't have money to buy milk to feed him , all he knows is that he wants milk and so he / she cries . Now lets apply the LOA here , people in such adverse conditions are mostly stuck in such adverse conditions , because they don't know otherwise , all their life all they have seen is misery and death and poverty , and so , the primitive lizard brain kicks in for survival , and their life starts and ends for just survival . People in such places , in fact all over the world are just reacting to their external circumstances, so the universe is giving them more of those circumstances , its a vicious circle . And all they have to do to get out, is to not acknowledge what all is wrong and just Dream . Now you will point out that how can a person in hellish conditions dream ? , Yes they can ! , Dreaming about a better life doesn't cost a thing , and if there is a slim chance that by just vibrating / feeling the right feelings can get a person out of the hell he is in , then why not take it.

All these people , the ones ones with their ailments and the ones in hellish conditions. all of them are responsible for their own experience in their life , The universe is at everyone's disposal . All they have to do is ask for the things they want, rather than beat the drum of all they dont want ! And so , i state again , LIFE is F%$KING easy !!!

Yes there will be Misery , there will be things that will bother you , but it is you who has to make the choice of whether to be bothered by them or not , The Pain is real , but the suffering is optional , and it always , eases up things to know that the universe is on your side , no matter who you are no matter where you are.  The pain wont last long once you stop the suffering . It will fade away and the things that will make you happy will come to your experience , if its food then it will be food , if its good health then great cure for your ailment.

The moment you Stop being bothered by all that is wrong with your life , the moment you stop paying attention to all the misery , the moment you stop counting the things that are out of place , Your Vibration will start rising up. At first you will 'feel Nothing' , A Void , which is better than feeling 'bad' , Then as your Vibration rises up , you will start to feel  more Happy and at Ease. And then , before you know it , Doors will start opening up where there were only walls . And you will see a solution to your situation.

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