Wednesday 23 April 2014

Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder..

This line isn't just a lesson in moral science; it has endless wisdom wrapped in it. 

Law of attraction teaches us to be selfish, which is a very good thing. We start to think about ourselves. We start to pay attention to what we really want. We start making list after list of things that we would like to have in our reality. And all seems to be working out just fine. But then, one day we realize that although on technical level, Universe is working just fine, but still there are those top three desires on most people’s lists which don’t seem to be coming to pass.

And no matter how hard they try, visualization and everything, matters only seem to be getting worse. They know that they have to ‘let go’. But most do not know how. 

To those stuck at this level, I would suggest to listen to the wisdom of Rumi. When nothing seem to be working to distract you from your current predicament, try giving. Nothing works better than the joy of giving someone else the happiness that they had been looking for. Remembering, that we are all connected and that we are all one, also helps. Anything that we do for others is bound to come back to us, and that include all the good things. What we receive in our reality is always a reflection of what we give. 

So, go ahead and try this, help someone, do something to make someone feel good. Not only will it help to distract you from your current situation and thus help you to ‘let go’, but it will also bring more good things to you.

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