Sunday 2 August 2015


You, me, everyone is at all time telling something or the other to the universe, via our feelings, and the universe is telling us 'stuff' back, by making us feel things.

In a system where the primary form of communication is feelings, Having the right attitude or an outlook or a perspective is very important.

Since long you and i have been hearing to people telling us, to be positive, to keep an upbeat attitude, to show gratitude for all that you have, and for all that you want. All these things, in themselves serve a purpose, a purpose, that when you focus on a thing you like, it will expand.

But what I am talking about today, is attitude, a fresh perspective. Its the perspective of choice!
When life shows us some stuff that we don't have yet, it doesn't mean that the universe is mocking you and that you should feel bad about it, no... We know that every topic is 2 topics the absence and the presence of it , and what side you will notice will depend on your perspective of life.

The perspective that we need, to have is the perspective of presence.

"Look at your life, in a way where you notice and appreciate all the things that you already have.. are grateful and generally happy with all you have, where you spend your time living in the pleasure of experience of all the things that are 'right' with your life, and See the things that you don't have yet, as things that you now want to add to make your already awesome life, More Awesome."

"This Sound's good, lets add this to my life" sounds much better and easier than , " i don't have this! how do i get this ? " 
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The best and the fastest way to manifest something is to have a generally happy attitude, and by happy i don't mean, Putting a brave face, while crying inside, pining for something that you think is missing..... When i say happy, Look at your life, if all that is present in your life, is good, then right now you have no reason to be sad. then you can be happy. if right now there is nothing out there to get you , nothing that becomes an annoyance..Then your life is generally good.. and so you cant be in the state of anxiety, just because you don't have that one thing that you have wanted for so long.

You have to understand that there will always be something you will want , once you get this 'one thing', you will want another , and another and another, so you cant have this attitude of pining for things, why don't you just be at peace, appreciate all that you have, be generally happy, and then order the universe around.. to get you what you want... by... saying...

Universe, i like this, i want this, it would be amazing to have this in my already amazing life, get this to me in the fastest easiest and the best way possible. or show me the best fastest and the easiest path to it."

That is it ... now let the universe plan and plot .. and get you what you want.
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