Wednesday 3 May 2017



We think life is chaotic and there is no order, how just from out of the blue something can go wrong , so we cling tightly to the things or people we hold dear, we say it's prevention,but it's not, Its Fear .
The notion of the chaotic and unpredictable life is what gave birth to fear in the first place, and since its inception we have masked our fear in cynicism, in experience.

The biggest problem with our perspective is that life is something that is happening to us, and all we can do is react and hope for the best.

I have been at this LOA thing for a better part of a decade now and one thing that i have observed and learned is that life doesn't happen to us , its originates from us. everything originates from us , the smallest of things like , what will we have dinner tonight , to the biggest like , who we are going to fall in love with, and everything in between , our well being , health , safety , our looks , all of it we dictate , we define, through our beliefs.

Beliefs are like the LAW, i mean there is the law and then there are the courts and the police and our own sense of ethics which enforce that law to govern the land.

Just like that beliefs are the rules that we have formed regarding things in life, and when triggered these beliefs are enforced through our emotions.
So , life ain't happening to you, but your are going to get what you feel. and you are going to feel the way you feel , coz of your belief.
So how does this benefit you ?
First , stop fretting coz there is an Order to the way life unfolds for you, and if you take sometime to understand that order, you can have a positive experience at life.

Second, There might be things that are working for you and things that might have never worked for you, that's because, when it come to beliefs you can be in one of the three situations. A good belief, A bad belief, No belief.

If you have a good belief, regarding a thing then things are going to be running smoothly in that area, you will feel good and confident, there will be growth, coz beliefs like to grow and multiply, they keep producing matching thoughts on a daily basis, thoughts which harness a emotional reaction from us, and life reacts to that emotion, shows us more regarding that thing we are good at , the next step, growth.
If you have a bad belief, Things will be stuck , or things will always end up in a disaster whenever you are dealing with that particular area. Coz bad beliefs also likes to multiply and grow.

Or you might be in a situation where a topic is completely new to you, so you don't have any info or belief regarding it yet, such things sound 'far reaching', 'possible but maybe 5 years down the line', even 'Ridiculous'.

So what do you do then ?
The simple solution is to you arm yourself with the knowledge that "Everything is possible and you are the one calling the shots" and Start building a belief regarding whatever you want to fix.

I simple way to do that is start writing a page full of random things regarding the subject, based only on the criteria of GOOD or BAD.

Come up with statements that feel good, that feel relaxing. Relief and relaxation are the emotions that help manifest.

Your mind will say that it doesn't believe what you are saying , or that it sounds surreal the things that you are stating, but tell your brain to do it like its fantasy , like its make believe , like its wishing , try not to connect things to your current reality or the past experiences that you have had.Judge the thoughts only on the basis of are they fundamentally good or bad.

you can start with a --

"Wouldn't if be nice if ---------------"
"It would be so amazing if ----------"
"Thank you life/universe/god/any deity u believe in that -------------has happened"
"i feel so relieved now that -------------------- has happened/is here"

The more you write the more you try to feel the relief regarding the subject you are trying to create a new belief about, the more life will react to that relief and give you new thoughts and experiences, the more you continue this the more your mind will be convinced and with a few weeks you will end up with a new belief.
Once you have a new belief , manifestations are instant, and there is whole scientific explanation to why that is, but we will discuss that later.

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