Friday 31 July 2015


When you first learn about the Law of Attraction, it may be tempting to immediately try to manifest your biggest dreams, like earning million dollars, finding a great relationship or retiring at a young age.  However, our biggest dreams are usually the ones we are furthest away from vibrationally. That’s why big dreams are so big- they feel almost unbelievable! 
Trying to achieve an “almost unbelievable” dream is very challenging.  This is not because it’s impossible or hard for the universe to deliver it, but rather because you don’t believe that it can happen!  If you don’t believe it can happen, it isn’t going to happen.  You must first find a way to believe that you can have what you are dreaming about , and because you are trying to achieve this with the help of the 'Law Of Attraction', you might as well start by establishing your trust in the law and the capabilities of the universe, at the very least, come to terms with the fact that something like the universe does exist. 
It’s much easier to start out by trying to manifest little things because you won’t be so hung up on the outcome.  After seeing the universe deliver little things, you will start to gain confidence in its ability to deliver big things. With practice, the big dreams will start to seem possible.

So below I’ve listed two easy techniques that you can try now to start seeing evidence of the Law of Attraction in your life:

1.  Test the Law of Attraction with words: 

Find a dictionary and look for a word that you’ve never seen before.   
Next, look over the definition and review it until it makes sense to you.  Then, come up with three original sentences that contain your newly learned word and write them down.  
Repeat this process for two more new words.  When you are done, you should have learned a total of three new words and written down three original sentences for each of them (or a grand total of nine sentences).
Next, leave the exercise and go back to doing whatever you need to do.
Wait for your new words to be attracted back to you.  You might hear them used on the radio, see them written in a book, or hear them in a conversation.  

2. Test the Law of Attraction with drawings:

Brainstorm three random items in your mind.  For example, you could brainstorm a zebra, a violin and a thunderstorm.
For each of your items, spend a few minutes drawing a picture to represent that item.  So in my example, I would draw a zebra, a violin and a thunderstorm.  
Draw each picture separately, giving at least two to three minutes of your attention. When you are done, leave the exercise and get back to your day.
Wait for these items to find their way back to you with the Law of Attraction.  You might see a picture of a zebra, find yourself listening to music played by a violin or a thunderstorm might come rolling in.
The beauty of these strategies is that because you are trying to attract random items you will not be very attached to the outcome of the test.  The less attachment you have to your desires the easier they come to you.
You might be surprised just how quickly these things find their way back to you.  Finding fast evidence of the Law of Attraction is a great way to build up belief in the process, which will help you use it consistently!

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