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Law Of Attraction 101 !!

The Law of Attraction is usually described as a "universal law" (like gravity is also a universal law) that delivers into your life whatever you focus on the most. A negative focus will attract mostly negative experiences, while a positive focus will attract mostly positive experiences.

Sounds simple enough, right? Think positive, get positive. Think negative, get negative. But there’s a little more to it than that.

Current knowledge about the Law of Attraction reveals a clear connection between our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, expectations, and the world around us.

Basically, here’s how it works:

Thoughts + Emotions + Beliefs + Expectations = Reality
Let’s break down each of these components to better understand how they work together.


Your thoughts provide the general structure for your reality. You perceive your surroundings and gear your emotions according to your thoughts. When you think positively, you usually “feel” positively.

In other words, positive thoughts make you feel good, and negative thoughts make you feel bad.

One common misconception is that your thoughts create your reality. Your thoughts actually don’t create anything by themselves.

Can you imagine if you “created” everything you thought about? Your nightmares would all come true, as well as every fear and worry you’ve ever had! No thank you!

In actuality, your thoughts need to be infused with emotion in order to be formed in physical reality.

Your emotions could accurately be described as the "fuel" that gives life to your thoughts. When you hold a specific thought or idea in your mind and generate strong emotions for or about it – you bring it into your life!

Emotions are the driving force behind your ability to create your reality.

If you take nothing else away from reading this page, the MOST important thing I want you to understand is the absolute raw power that your emotions hold!

This is why negative thoughts can be so destructive. When you focus on negative things and emit negative emotions about them – you attract them! Likewise, when you think positive thoughts and emit positive emotions about them – you attract them!

Beliefs and Expectations

Your beliefs and expectations act as gatekeepers for your reality. No matter how hard you try to think and feel positively, a limiting belief or negative expectation has the power to BLOCK what you’re trying to attract. It doesn’t matter how many affirmations you recite, or how strongly you visualize yourself having something you want – if you hold limiting beliefs about it, your subconscious mind will NOT allow you to have it! You either don’t believe it’s possible or don’t believe you deserve it, so it will not be possible for you.




It cant get simpler than this !! If you can just acknowledge this one simple Fact , then you can change your whole perspective of life and the living of life . 

Bad Days , can be transformed to good days in just a few moments , and Problems could be resolved in Moments . The universe always works instantly , the moment you set an intention ,its manifestation start's . The universe starts shaping your circumstances accordingly so that your intention can be met.
So Right now in this moment ...

What is your intention ? How are you feeling ?

Are you creating something wonderful ? (and creating something Amazing)
Are you stressing over something negative ? (and complicating the situation even more )

Are you appreciating yourself ? (And getting younger and happier and healthier by the moment)
Are you Holding on to some limiting belief about yourself ? ( And Gaining weight , loosing hair , loosing money and love and respect )

So , What is going on in your mind today ? 




This is the first time in the history of Man kind that we are openly talking about the Power of the Universe , rather than fearing it or worshiping it , we are actively developing our skills to efficiently communicate with it .

Through our imagination , thoughts , emotions and by the power of our 'Will' we are now able to shape and reshape and eventually perfect our own experience in this life. 

'Nothing is impossible' and 'Nothing is out of reach' No matter who you are and no matter Where you are or how hopeless things seem for you... Just know this , it will get better ! and even better , you have the power and the talent and the capability to make it better ! You don't have to wait , you don't have to suffer anymore . The unlimited and Awesome power of the universe is at your disposal , and when you learn to use this resource , You become Unlimited and All Powerful ! 

So , go ahead and Create ! 



The simple process with LOA is that you decide what you want , then you "feel" like you already posses what you want , the universe , then picks up on your 'feelings' and delivers to you whit precision what you want.

But what if you cant feel it ? What if you cant feel anything? Or when it comes to having the feeling of having it the evidence from the past , stands up and stares at you right in the face ? 

Sometimes , you go in for a quantum leap , you don't release the past ,and focus on your desire so hard , that the universe delivers to you your desire , but because you haven't let go of the anger and the pain , you see your desire turn rotten in front of you. 

You manifest things but you have difficulty holding on to it...

You loose the money you manifested , your Soul-mate now seems like the devil , the dream job you manifested , is starting to feel like your last few jobs , which you hated. 

All this happens , when we , just jump into the visualizing , day dreaming Manifesting mode , without facing our demons. your dream relationship turning rotten for no real reason ? , the person you were supposed to feel love for now you seem to hate ? It might be that you are still holding on to the pain or suffering caused by this person or from the previous failed relationships . You know that its all now ancient history , and this pain seems illogical . But , nonetheless , it all too real and you are Angry inside , but you know that anger is a negative feeling , so you try your best to suppress it , distract yourself.. and forget about it... and slowly you feel a state where you cant feel anything at all.

That was one example ... want More ? 

So why is it , that the people who shoot up to fame and fortune fast , or win the jackpot and rake in a lot of money fast , cant seem to hold on to it. (There is a scientific research analyzing this phenomenon) . The faster the fame and money comes the faster they crash and burn. 

Its all happens because we have learned to practice the Law of attraction , but we are still holding on to the Limiting beliefs , the anger , the pain and we haven't fully grasped the concept of letting go. 


You work through the anger , the pain and suffering . After learning so much about LOA , you do realize that you are the one who attracted all that suffering pain and bad experiences to yourself . But like any normal human being you find it easier to point out to an recipient external to you , who you can hold responsible for you pain , who you can be angry with , who you can accuse for all that is wrong in your life. 

I suggest you do that ! Off-course not to that persons face. But you can always vent out at them in your thoughts ... here is what you do.

Take out sometime and find a quite place where you can be alone , now pick up a person or a situation or god (if you are angry with god ) , you hold responsible for you misery ... now they are there to listen to you , and you are there to vent out you ... can scream at them , shout at them , call them names , reason with them , you can take a pillow , imagine its them ,and Go all Lucha libre on it for all i care . the goal here is to get angry . And vent out , dont leave anything , you can beat that pillow to an inch of its life , but instead of suppressing your anger for all this time ... try to take it all out. 

Some people think being angry is a bad emotion , it is ,,, but it is better than self hate , and depression and frustration. When you get angry , you are actually in a higher vibration. 

After you are done , you will feel lighter , And you will be able to breathe more better. repeat this exercise 3 times max (for one recipient) . 

With your anger out of the way , you can now look at the universe rationally , if its a relationship you want healed , then you have to admit to yourself that , you just yelled and beat the shit out of the other person , so now the score is settled , you have a clean slate , and so does they . and they will behave exactly as you ask the universe for them to behave with you. 

If its money you want to hold on to , then you have to acknowledge the fact that the universe is capable of providing you with unlimited financial abundance ,and you are doing well where you are and you will always do well financially .

So if you can just work through you pain , you will finally find the peace you are looking for , all the uncertainty will dissolve and you will be a powerful creator. 

So go .. try it ...

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