About us

Who are we ? 

At this moment, we are 'a guy' backed up by the universe. Why am i referring to myself as 'we'? Coz, even though it seems like that i am just one person, i am not, i am never alone, i have my higher self to guide me almost always, most of the stuff you read on this blog and our Facebook Page comes from it. I haven't decided if it's a he or she but it speaks through me.. I don't know if i ll name it like Abraham or Bashar, but right now it's my link to the universe, so i just like to refer it to as 'the Universe' . 

That's takes care of the 'we' rather beautifully. i think. 

And yes, before i forget.. we (the universe and me) do have another Founder, more of a dormant one. She does write for us occasionally. But usually she and her higher self are out there 'Exploring Life'. 

WHY are We Doing this ? 

TYD came into existence because the entire universe conspired to give me what i wanted... 

A job that i would love to do.
A job where i was my own boss.
Have a better understanding of the universe. 
A job that would help me make unlimited money. 
A job where i can enjoy myself, and help other's at the same time
A job that makes a difference in the world, or at-least for some people.
A job that would let me take a vacation whenever i wanted. 
A job that would get me the appreciation of others.
A job that would be interesting and help me grow as person.

Seriously, this is what i wrote in my list. i swear. 

We do this, because we want everyone to understand the true nature of the world we live in. To make you understand that you are never alone, i am not something special to have the universe watch over me, it's there for you too, and the moment you understand that, the practical applications of it would be limitless. 

Our Vision

We don't want to be just another feel good page. Yes, we do inspire, but most of our articles, courses etc are made with one goal, to make you like us, we will feel accomplished when you won't need us anymore, when you will have your own higher self guiding you. We want to teach the world that they can do wonders with the universe by their side. We apply everything to ourselves first, then only we post, and inspire you. 

OUR Vibration based  Marketing tactics

LOA savvy folks might have heard of Vibrational marketing before. The yellow doorway from its inception has grown Organically through Vibration based Marketing only. That is how we set goals, that is how we develop products, that how we attract people to us. Our entire 30000 Plus reach on Facebook and thousands of followers are a result of our vibration only.   

TYD had no seed fund, we haven't invested any money into TYD, and we are proud to tell that through our vibration based business plan, we have managed to keep it that way. Till date all the money we have made can be counted as profit. 

Business is a place where you cannot leave things to chance, and so we are trying to build a case for ourselves, by proving that we can make a substantial sized business out of nothing but Favorable vibrations. 


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