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TYD's Law of Attraction Coaching :  (Rest of the World)
When i first came in contact with the knowledge of the Universe , i started exploring the possibilities , but it took me almost 8 years to learn whatever i know , i had no one to guide me , no one to tell me , if what i was doing was right or wrong.

I stumbled a lot , with each stumble i learned something new , only to discover 8 years later , how simple the whole thing was. If only my present self could go back 8 years , and guide my past self , i would have achieved my goals back then only . But i cant turn back time , If only i could !! Sigh !

Anyway , So here i am , to help you out , to guide you in the ways of the universe , to pull you up from your depression and kick you towards your goals. The concept of law of attraction is simple , and the universe is supportive to whatever you want. I will try my best to prepare you and guide you on how to use the law in your life.

Ideally i think 4 weeks is all you need to manifest your desire , but , this coaching is like joining a gym , you have to commit to listen to me , and do as i say . you have to share  with me whatever you feel is holding you back , to get the full benefit of this coaching , you have to be honest with me , and more importantly Be honest with yourself. I am your friend , i am not here to judge you , you have got nothing to prove to me .  All manifestations and Progress that you will make will be your achievement , not mine , i am merely a guide who will push you in the right direction. 

For people from outside India ,  I have created an online Course System , only because , sometimes its difficult for people from different nationalities to understand each others speaking accent , also , because our primary language may differ. But in case you are comfortable talking/ understanding Indian accent English or Hindi , you also have the option of over the Phone coaching sessions , just go back to the home page , and from the TYD's Coaching menu select "For Indians". 

What you will get ??

- You can talk to me via email and phone based Messengers.
- Unlimited  email support for the next 4 , 6 or 8 weeks.
- Emails will be answered almost instantly or within the next 24 hours.
- 24x6 (Sunday excluded) Chat support From either GTALK , or Whatsapp or any other android based phone messenger of your choice.
- Free Copy of the ebook  "TYD's Guide to the Universe" with introduction and LOA basics written by 'yours truly'.
- Together you and i will work on training you to be a better at manifestation , and using Law of Attraction . 
- I will guide you towards the achievement /manifestation of any specific goal , if that's your desire.

I am offering 4 weeks , 6 weeks , 8 weeks online support package .  You can choose the package you want to purchase from the drop down menu below.
"This Coaching is a opportunity for you to enhance your manifesting capabilities , and achieve and manifest your desires, this is not a introduction to Law of attraction class. if you are familier with my work , if you like the posts on our facebook post, then i encourage you to avail . this is not magic , you will have to do emotional , and vibrational work , and show commitment to your desire , if you want results."

Terms and conditions :

- Purchase once made will not be reverted back under any circumstances.

- A total of 10 people will only be enrolled each month ,once the slots are filled , no more people will be enrolled during that month. However bookings for future open slots can be made in advance. 

- I do take responsibility that you will feel better after this coaching , and your understanding of the universe will enhance , but The yellow doorway , doesn't take any responsibility for your manifestation , The coach will guide you and help you, motivate you and clear your doubts, but in the end like any other coaching , or school , The achieving of desired results will depend on your efforts. 

- If you agree to these terms and conditions , then you can go ahead and place an order.

- All payments are handled through Paypal , so they are completely secure ,even thought the prices are listed in USD , an equivalent sum will be deducted from your debit / credit card or paypal account in your local currency.

Enrollments are open for now ! 8 Spots left !! 

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