Thursday 17 December 2015

Do we Create in our Dreams?

So you woke up from a nightmare, or maybe, it was a good dream. Maybe you dreamed of being naked, or flying, or Falling. or you were being chased, or loosing your teeth, maybe you were drowning, missing a flight or a train, unprepared for a maths test, dating and feeling amazing with a person who's face you can't remember now, having sex, playing a part in your favorite movie / tv series/ book. 

Whatever it may be, dreams are a part of everyone's daily life, and i can bet that anyone reading this would have had at least 5 of these at some point or other in their lives. Some of us look for meaning, some of us try to relate these to current ongoings, some of us forget about them. 

Today i am going to tell you 

1. What dreams are, 

and being conscious creators practicing LOA 

2. Do we create while we sleep ? 

The answer to the second one is NO. We Don't . We don't create while we sleep, so if you had a nightmare today threatening your reality or the people in it... please calm down. Everything is fine. 

So then what are Dreams ? 

The Basic Definition of a dream is.. 

"Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur usually involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep."

A dream is usually a representation of your beliefs and thoughts and emotions held by your subconscious mind in the form of images.  

Our Conscious mind (One we use while we are awake) can on an average get about 60 thousand thoughts in a day, So you see how things that are really important for your emotional and life growth can get lost in that sea of thoughts. The subconscious mind comes to play at night when you are sleeping, so its safe to say that Dreams are a representation of your subconscious mind. 

From the point of view of a conscious creator, a dream can get you a better understanding of your vibration / focus regarding something that you are trying to manifest. 

That way a dream doesn't really contribute in creation but is more of a indicator or your progress or your status regarding the thing you are trying to manifest/ Or your emotional state regarding different areas of your life. 

Depending upon what kind of a person you are your dreams can fall in one of the two categories. 

1.) Straight forward dreams:

Straight - forward dreams are, as name suggests pretty much straight forward, you see someone you know, talk to them, notice them while they are talking to someone else, its simple, the dream is clear and people in the dreams kinda communicate whatever is in their mind. These kind of dreams are also rare. But are pretty simple to interpret. But as with all dreams, they don't predict the future, neither are they revealing anyone's hidden intentions towards you, they are just a representation of your feelings regarding that subject. So, a spouse cheats on you isn't a sign that he/she is going to cheat on you, it may very well represent the insecurity that you may be harboring within yourself for any of the number of reasons, like , abandonment issues, trust issues, self esteem or self worth issues. Long story short, your current emotional state is pointing towards self sabotage or getting hurt, Please take care and change it, start looking for things that make this relationship special, strong, and pay attention to the love that your spouse makes you feel. Don't fret just Start feeling good about it. 

2.) Interpretive dreams. 

The most common dreams, flying, nudity, missing a train, drowning, being chased, all of these fall under interpretive dreams, here the message isn't so straight forward, but is conveyed by using an imagery that uses a lot of symbolism. For example, I am an expert swimmer, but i used to have dreams where i would be on the beach and the water level would be rising, while i be trying find safe ground, and this would make me panic. Now if you look up common dream symbolism, water represents your emotions, a dream about drowning would mean that certain situations in your life are causing you to feel overwhelmed. In my case , i was just running from my feelings. Similarly Dreams of being chased, or dreams of loosing teeth, all of them have their own symbolism, and meaning.

Another common dream that i used to have was driving/walking down a road, sometimes this road would be familiar like a  normal one, other times this road would just take off and go up ,and i would drive up into the sky , and would see the world down from the edges , while taking care not to fall off, one time i was riding a bike with a client of mine, we were taking a road that lead through a forest and further into a tunnel, sometimes these road just end, sometimes they lead me to a place that is out of this world but dangerous. The road kinda represents a Life path, and i could interpret these dreams to know where my current emotional state would be leading me. 

Here are a few dream dictionaries where you could look upon your reoccurring dreams.  Remember , your dreams are a gateway to your subconscious, which is the home to your beliefs, understanding where you are headed with your current beliefs and emotions can help you a long way to help you mold your better future.  

Let us know about the recurring dreams that you are having, down in the comment section. 

Take care and Sweet Dreams. :P


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