Monday 5 May 2014


First off all , lets not argue about "but from where the money will come ?" , its none of your business ! , its the universes business , so you just sit pretty while the universe finds a way to come up with the Money .For my more skeptical friends , Please relax and let the universe show you , "How the money is going to come. "

Now that being said , we can move on to the topic at hand , that is DEBT ! 

Being is Debt is bad , being constantly chased by creditors is annoying and at the same time takes toll over our self esteem and image.  

Many of us have at some point in our life have found ourselves in debt , we owe money , and we don't have enough to pay back . And believe me , i know , this feeling sucks , especially if you are not an habitual defaulter.

Many people ask me about law of attraction and Money , can LOA be used to manifest money , can it help them to clear off their debts ?

The Answer is Yes ! it can ! But , like any application of LOA , it can be really easy or really difficult to implement , depends on your current mindset. 

Now look at "Settlement of Debt" as a need , so when applying LOA on this matter , we calculate the amount of money we need to settle the debt and ask the universe to deliver through visualization , imagination , listing out things to be thankful for and stuff , if these work for you , then just close this page , because you are An LOA Master and you don't need to be here , go enjoy your money , but if these don't work , read on.

The universe manifests the essence of your desires by picking up on your emotions and feelings. So sometimes concentrating on an "BIG' Amount of money to pay off your debt , when there is no obvious source of income in sight , can be a little difficult , it can also , evoke Negative emotions of doubt and uncertainty. 

SO whats the alternative ?

Its. simple , we take the money factor out of the manifestation. Just listen to me for a second ,before lighting the torches and picking up your pitchforks .  Its simple , 

"The manifestation we are aiming for is 'Debt settlement' not 'manifesting Money' ! "

Let me explain with an example ....
Meet Steve , Steve has lost his job due to something inevitable. And now with no monthly income to support him , Steve is facing a Huge Credit card Outstanding , lets say USD 30000 ! Maybe he bought a 'Train' for all i care , but the truth is he is in debt , and he has no way of paying it off in the future . Now he can declare bankruptcy and get the credit card people off his back , but lets be honest , declaring Bankruptcy isn't cheap . that will be the last nail in the coffin. 

What Steve needs to do is to address the elephant in the room , or better , imagine the room without the elephant ! 
The need here is to settle the debt , and the only logical solution Steve's brain is giving him is "Get some Money" But with the bad market and all (again a belief of Steve's Brain) it seems impossible at the moment. So what does he do ? He leaves it to the universe. 

What Steve's Brain doesn't understand is that the 'HOW' of this manifestation will be taken care off by the universe , who has access to all the 3600 Thousand Trillion Dollars on the earth , And Steve's Debt is a measly 0.0000000000000001 % of that wealth. So all Steve has to do now is concentrate on the 'feeling' he is going to feel while he is repaying the Debt. 

So, Steve sits Down , and He relaxes , He Takes deep breaths and he remembers the fact that he is the creator of his own experience in this reality  . And he Asks himself ....

              "How will i feel , when this debt is paid ? " 

What does this debt settlement stand for , the answer is simple , RELAXATION  ! Steve will be able to finally relax once the debt is paid . and through that Relaxation will come Happiness. 
Knowing this Steve now , imagines that he is paying his debt off, he is writing a cheque , and he is handing it over to the people he owes money , or he is Transferring funds from his account and paying off all his debt , and while doing so , a feeling of relaxation is sweeping over him. Now he is no longer under debt , and great burden is off his shoulders and he is feeling free and light and  mildly elated. He keeps feeling these feelings , looses track of time , drifts off to sleep.

Next Morning he wakes up , freshens up , sits down with a pen and paper , Writes down ....

"Thank you universe for such an amazing resolution , i feel so free and light , now that i have cleared off all my debts . And the best part , there is money left with me after , to help me start over again. Thank you universe for taking care of me ! " 

He spends the day without a care in the world and in the evening , receives a text that his account has been debited with 60000 USD . 

So folks what did we learn ?

1. Its the feeling's that matter. SO find a way to feel "That way". 
2. You manifestation ain't in the future , its now , when asking for a desire , act as if you have it "NOW"
3. The universe is Generous , it will give you more than you could have ever imagined or expected. 
4. Its possible for you to feel "That way" without an actual manifestation. 
5. Goal setting is good , but Dont be stuck on a date , Maybe the universe wants to deliver it ahead of time. 
6. When ever you are imagining or visualizing , Do it in the Present tense , do it as if you have everything now. Your imagination is your happy place , you are not bound by physical limitations , so go Nuts ! 

pS. This Example was based of a real experience of one of the readers. :)


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