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First of all let me just make it clear that Meditation plays a huge role in the process of LOA , as it helps to bring your mind from the place of Negativity to The Neutral Zone , and sometimes even leads us to the positive zone. its an important tool to clear our minds of all the negativity we have collected over time. For people new to meditation , its a little hard at first to clear their mind as random thoughts keep popping up. Here are a few things that worked for me , when i was a newbie.

1. First of all , early morning or before bed , are by my experience the best times to meditate , But if for some reason you cant be free at these times , then anytime of the day will do. just try to keep aside 15 - 30 minutes undisturbed.

2. Loose that jeans ! get into something soft , loose fitting and comfortable , we want you to concentrate on you thoughts not the itches and scratches that comes with tight clothes.

3. Try finding a place that is not too hot or too cold , neither it should be so uncomfortable , that your bottom starts to hurt , nor so comfortable , that you lie down and drift off to sleep. The best place would be somewhere where you can get fresh natural air , the terrace , the park , the garden maybe . The Oxygen in that fresh air , really gets you going. and Yes , you can get HIGH on oxygen !

4. For those who are new to meditation , focusing on your breath does the job , you can feel the cool air going in and the warm air coming out of your nostrils , you can follow the flow of air all through to your lungs , or you can just just focus on the opening of your nostrils , and feel your breath.

5. to keep the mind from wandering , you can count your breath , 1 on in and 2 on out , again 1 on In and 2 on out . or you can mentally say IN as you draw air in or OUT as you release air out.

6. One of my personal favorites is saying the word OM while drawing in a long and deep breath. You can say OMMMMMMMMM out loud or in you mind either way it will work , and boy does it raises your Vibration !!

7. Try to force your face into a smile , the bigger the better , Forcing it holding it there is surely going to raise your vibration , and you will come out of the Meditation , Grinning and Happy.
You can now proceed with any of our previously suggested processes for making the universe do your bidding.


This quick and easy exercise is for those times when you are feeling particularly enthusiastic and want to create something just for the fun of it. This is also for the newbies who wish to experiment and make sure that this stuff works. You can also use this to let go of something you really wish would come to you. Here's the drill, and its fun too, so enjoy

1. Find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed for 15-20 minutes.

2. Sit down comfortably, (you can also lie down), close you eyes and start taking deep but gentle breaths.

3. Keep you gentle focus on your breathing until your mind starts to calm.

4. Now, with your eyes closed, imagine yourself sitting in garden, and try to feel the details of your favorite garden; freshness in the air, warmth of sunshine on your face.

5. Imagine that there is a big bubble of pink color floating just above your head. Whatever wish you put in this bubble will come true.

6. Now as your eyes are still close, imagine your desire. Make the image as vivid as possible, imagine every little detail, the feel of its touch, its smell, and most importantly, the happiness inside you that this desire of yours will give you.

7. After its starts to feel real, put the object of your desire in the pink bubble that's floating just above your head. Trust that as soon as you put it there, your order with the universe is placed.
Imagine that pink bubble float away up in the sky. Keep tracking it till its no longer visible.

Universe has now started working on your desire, Feel the gratitude, as your wishes are being granted very soon.
You can now open your eyes, and do whatever is most fun for you.

Its OK if at first , you cant hold on to your focus , if any wandering thought comes to mind just acknowledge it and push it away gently. Its an achievement if you can hold your focus for 5 minutes only , with practice you can increase your timing and focus , and have a greater clarity and Focusing Ability.

Happy manifesting

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