Monday 25 August 2014

Find Your Pace

Like everything else, practice of LOA or learning how to leverage the Universe in a way that serves you the best, also has a learning curve. You read (a lot) when you first come across it, discover a lot of techniques (visualisation, pretend games, vision board, gratitude journal etc) and then at times out of desperation, you try to apply them all at once in order to achieve what you’re longing for. I know. There is no judgement here. I’ve done the same thing. And I also firmly believe that everyone does the best they know how.

But in my long journey of hits and trials and errors, I’ve learned some very important lessons which came to me mostly in the form of epiphanies and have made living the life of my making so much easier. Here, I’ll be share one of them, which is also probably the most crucial of all. One that I wish someone had told me back when I came to know about all this LOA and Universe stuff. 

Find Your Own Pace. 

I can’t stress enough how important this is for your mental and spiritual well-being, and also for manifesting your desires. It also prevents LOA backfires (will talk about it in a separate post). 

The lesson is very simple. Don’t rush yourself into anything. Sure, it feels as if you have to go out and give it your best shot by forcing yourself into doing every LOA exercise that you come across in order to manifest something that you want in no time. But most of the time, this happens when there is desperation for something. And desperation is definitely not good news. When we force ourselves, especially our souls to do something or feel something that is not really where our current vibration is, it causes massive discomfort. Whatever you decide to do, whatever path you decide to follow, you want to follow from a place of happiness. It only works that way. 

Couple of years back, when I was still a newbie, I came across this book called Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui (I recommend this book to anyone who currently feels stuck and wants to start afresh) and predictably launched myself into dumping my stuff, taking it to extremes, to put it mildly. I was desperate for change and thought that I just have to follow what the book says, and maybe I’ll have what I want. It resulted in confronting with buried feelings and issues at a pace I was not ready for at that time. It was overwhelming, and kind of threw me out of alignment for a while. 

Now I understand, that whatever we create, even a messed up situation, we create for a reason. The reason is best known to our higher self. It could be to bring to surface unresolved issues, or to have a life experience that our higher-self decided to have before coming to this world. And if we ever decide to change it in this life, we need to do this in agreement with our souls. That is why now I make it a point to first check with myself before plunging into a new course of action, whether or not it resonates with me. 

That said, I’m not saying that if you are currently in an unhappy situation, you are doomed to stay there forever, just because you can’t force yourself to feel happy. You can obviously work up your vibration slowly and harmoniously. You just need to take care that whatever you are doing is resonating with your higher self. It talks to you, you know. It will tell you when to go ahead with something full throttle, and when to hold back and test the waters. You just have to learn to listen to it. One sure shot way is Meditation (You can force yourself a little to meditate regularly, by the way =)) Learn more about Meditation here.


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