Sunday 1 March 2015


The Impossible tasks ! 

What is Impossible? , You can tell me that the meaning lies in the word itself, some of the more positive people tell me that it is just a way to say, I AM POSSIBLE. I don’t really understand what that means…I mean yes I exist, ergo I am not just a possibility, but I am a truth, which you and everyone else on this planet will have to live with hopefully for the next 40 more years.

But then what is Impossible, and by extension, what is an impossible task? A impossible situation. I ll go ahead and explore what it means for an average person. It’s a place of No hope, or to put it in a more “non-depressing” way, it’s a task you have no idea how to accomplish, and even if you have an idea on how to do it, you are right now not in a state to implement that idea. To put it more simply, you don’t know how to get ‘there’ from ‘here’. You don’t know the path, or the path you know, you are in no position to walk on right now.

I ll take 2 examples, of impossible tasks, see if any one of it is applicable to you. 

1. Buying a House.

2. Getting back an Ex/Making a crush fall for you/ changing someone’s attitude. 

So you want to buy a house. So your mind says, its fairly simply, Make the money and then 
buy the house. Then you ask your mind, how do I make so much money. And the answer is usually, ‘Someday’. Till then I think you should rent. 

When it comes to changing someone’s mind about you, your mind is like, ‘lets keep trying’ , maybe we can wear them down by our nagging or persistence. And when the other person goes and blocks your number and phone, your mind is like “we tried our best, maybe it was not worth it, just sit and mope, complain occasionally, ‘Someday’ it will all change, wait till then, at least they will call you brave to put up with all this.”

So what happened in both the cases? In both cases your mind didn’t know how to get ‘there’, it tried all that it could, and when it didn’t work, your mind declared that there is no other way, and to conserve energy it made this problem a problem for your ‘future self’.

So then are we doomed to not buy that house, when we need it, or not be in a relationship of our choice. Not have the love and appreciation that we deserve?
No, we are forgetting something very important. Focus, and Desire. We usually don’t pay attention to the ‘thinking’ part, when all our problems lie in this physical world.

What if I tell you today, that the world doesn’t work the way you come to believe. We live in a world where we expect results to every action. And so happiness and relief is a ‘result’ for us, Result of an action that you take in the physical reality. How many times you would have caught yourself saying. 

“if only I could have that one thing, I would be that happiest person on the planet.”
This approach, this perspective about life leads us to the whole concept of Impossible.
Happiness and Bliss and relief are not ‘Results’, these are ‘Actions’ and such strong actions that they can actually open up, and show you a way towards an impossible situation.

The human brain is a stupid thing, it always assumes that it knows all there is to know about a situation, and so when find yourself in a place where you have to make a decision, your brain just assumes that it knows all possible ways, and that there is no other
way. But you and i both know from experience that, if we cant see a way, that doesn't mean that it doesn't exists.

So even if you don’t know the 'how' of having that new house right now, don’t worry, don’t even put off your dream, because the ‘way’ in which you can have that house, that relationship, that dream come true, Right now,Exists ! You just don’t see it yet, and to see it, to see this path, this new way, light up in front of you, you have to just move a little towards your impossible goal, and how do you do that? You focus on having it right now, and you feel how it would feel to be in that perfect world where you have what you want. You discuss why you want it? How is it going to make you feel, you get excited about it. That is how you move towards it. And the best part, you don’t even have to do it all day. Writing or visualizing about your perfect resolution, 5 minutes every day before bed, and then not worrying about it all day is all it takes for you to see the new path light in front of you.

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