Wednesday 22 April 2015



When we say "Let Go of things" we are not even by a long shot referring to your desires , we are referring to The 'things' that are keeping your desire away from you. And to let those things go, we have a small exercise for you.
Find a comfortable place where you cant be disturbed for a while and , close your eyes. Now take a few deep breaths , concentrate on the cool air going in your nose and the warm air coming out , this will help to clear your mind of any thoughts . you are ready now.

"We want you to imagine a beautiful garden , just be in that garden for a while , notice the flowers the warmth of the sun and the butterflies. in the middle of the garden there is a cottage. approach the cottage and open the door. inside its dark , but you see a child.. you look closer , the child is you , when you were 5 years old. You notice that the child is scared . you gently approach the child and really gently comfort him and ask him what is wrong , and what is he / she afraid of ? (now in this conversation you can talk to the child on the subject of a desire that's been keeping away from you for a while , a desire that's proving a little hard to achieve). The child will tell you all of the things that has hurt him regarding the desire , all of the things he fears , and of the reasons why the desire cant be achieved . Now being the self aware and knowledgeable 'LOAer' you know that tackling all these fears and reasons is no big deal for the universe. Your job is to comfort and let the child know this . convince him , that he no longer needs to fear his fears because the universe is looking out for him and that his desire will be fulfilled as soon as he leaves this darkness and steps out in the garden to enjoy it. "ALL THAT MATTERS IS HOW YOU VIBRATE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT, WHAT HAPPENED IN THE PAST WAS JUST A RESULT OF YOUR BAD VIBRATION , BUT NOW YOU KNOW BETTER. SO JUST LET GO OF ANGER , FEAR , GUILT , DOUBT AND VIBRATE AS IF YOU WOULD VIBRATE WHEN YOU WILL HAVE YOUR DESIRE. " Make him understand this, Talk to him , comfort him , give him a hug , answer all his doubts with your wisdom of the universe. and then when he begins to feel better about the "off limit desire" , Walk him out of the cottage and enjoy the sights. 
Once you start feeling better on the topic that you have been feeling stuck for so long , the process is done , take a few deep breaths and open your eyes. 
We would recommend you do this exercise right before you go to sleep. 
Happy cleansing !!

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